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Sunbathing at sea

Hello friends! We dela summer just around corner, and there is nothing more comforting to think about this season that we like, imagine the sea, sun, boats, enjoy that well-deserved rest and we need.
There can be no better plan to rent a boat on the island of Ibiza and spend a few days touring this special paradise, will be a luxury holiday, we assure you will be charmed, the idea of having a few days at your disposal a beautiful sailing ship or catamaran turn your holiday into a truly wonderful experience.
In addition Charter Papillon asesoraros when the yacht charter (rent a sailboat or catamaran) we also care about your welfare and health during those days charter in Ibiza. And so, we leave here some tips when sunbathing we hope you might do them in practice when you come to sail with us around the islands.


Alquiler barcos Ibiza

Alquiler barcos Ibiza Tomar el sol en el mar


For these days charter, we have to watch everything possible skin sunlight and we wanted to make this post so that ye take note and have in mind some of the things to do when you are at sea, being one of the places where we must pay more attention to this important issue, we are exposed in a very direct way and we need to put proper precautions.

Here we leave some tips that you might do them in practice when you are browsing, hopefully will be helpful.

As we know the sun is very good for our health, a great source of energy, but we must be very cautious and take it with restraint, always with adequate protection. Bask in the water burns faster as the water reflects the sun up to 25% of sunlight.

If we are in the boat on the sea will have to apply sunscreen every hour, and every half hour face, using a cream with greater protection than the body.

Alquiler barcos Ibiza

Alquiler barcos Ibiza Tomar el sol en el mar

Alquiler barcos Ibiza

Sunbeams in small doses favor the formation of vitamin D in our bodies fight the problems of lack of calcium in the bones, and generally revitalize the skin, body and mind, is very beneficial as it balances the nervous system, tones muscles and combat fatigue, depression, or stress.

One thing we must be very important consideration, although the day is cloudy, ultraviolet rays also penetrate our skin than in cloudless days, watch this, do not trust us and let us hours without protect us because the consequences can be that we we have burnt without realizing it. The most dangerous hours exposed to the sun 12 hours are noon to 16 pm hours.

Remember that at the beginning of the holiday we can take it gradually, so that our body will adapt and can produce melanin normal rhythm.

Melanin is a pigment that protects the skin from the sun

alquiler barco ibiza

Alquiler barcos Ibiza Tomar el sol en el mar


It is vital that we apply sunscreen with clean skin of perfumes, as these contain substances mixed with sunscreens cause skin blemishes. It is appropriate that we take him to the letter, after bathing in the sea we must return to get sunscreen.

FOOD. Yacht Charter Ibiza

This also helps us.
In these days of sun, air, sea, we have to look inside, we can feel much better being well hydrated with good contributions from fruit juices and also drink plenty of water, foods containing vitamin D help us with our tanning but remember, always with the precautions that you are indicating.

alquiler barco ibiza alimentacion

alquiler barco ibiza alimentacion


Yacht Charter Ibiza

The holidays are the perfect time to rest, and more during pregnancy.

The expectant mother needs all the pampering the world, including the sun, but so that they do not become burns and stains should take the necessary care that are so important when tanning is not advisable that you spend much time in the sun , to see that no more than 30 minutes, avoid doing between 12 and 16 hours, very important to maintain good hydration drinking water, it is imperative that sunscreen is 50, or full screen, if the skin is very white middle apply hour before exposure and renew every hour, even after leaving the water.

embarazada alquiler barcos ibiza

Hormonal changes cause spots around the nose and mouth and may appear, the sun may become darker in these areas apply a special cream of course, very high protection. Having always close the bottle of water or juice and drink when you begin to notice the first signs of heat, remember that if you do get the sun responsibly nothing happens, say the baby is not in danger any, since even under the sun this’ perfectly hydrated inside the uterus of the mother.

embarazada alquiler barcos ibiza


Yacht Charter Ibiza

What better surprise for the children to tell them they are going to spend a holiday on a boat, surely not want to miss anything, and prefer to be at all times where they can see everything, the spectacle of the sea, outdoor and sun, the illusion that and they will involve them very curious, slope at all times to see what else can discover, fish, other ships …. well, for this, we must also be very aware of sun and air and protect them at all times, use for them maximum protection, ie, total, or 50.

We recommend you not expongáis children under three years to direct sunlight for a long time, it is very important to raise awareness of the paramount importance of protecting them from the sun

embarazada alquiler barcos ibiza.

It is a good preventive measure to teach children from small risks of sunbathing without a good sunscreen. The damage that can result is cumulative and should be prevented from childhood, is in the early years that the negative effects can weaken the skin for life.

You have to control the exposure time because as you know the sun’s rays are more aggressive than in the past, due among other reasons to ozone depletion, and to decrease its thickness.

A baby who has less than six months should not give the sun directly, is strongly discouraged, because you can burn and dehydrate very easily, still have not fully developed their ability to secrete melanin, the pigment that protects the skin, it is also not advisable to apply sunscreen.


Yacht Charter Ibiza


 alquiler barcos ibiza

Alquiler barcos Ibiza Tomar el sol en el mar

The aging of the skin will be more or less evident depending if overdosed the sun throughout life.

A certain ages to be more cautious and put more care as we have more possibilities and greater risk of melanoma can be formed in this regard should take the following precautions:

Limit time spent in the sun

Use high protection sunscreens

We can not miss a good sunglasses, hat, and always have on hand a shirt.





Yacht Charter Ibiza

We all have seen that the dogs love to sunbathe and even deliver large benefits, it can also be dangerous.

As the sun is for humans and other living things also essential for our dogs but you have to know how and when they can take it.

Vitamin D is necessary for them, help them fix calcium and phosphorus in the bones, stress levels, increases muscle constitution and make are in a better mood. Always have great benefits but taking it properly so that your skin does not burn and also avoid dangerous heat stroke.

Always they have to have available fresh water drinkers should be replaced several times a day because the heat is heated easily. Everything is to give them the care and pampering they so richly deserve. Remember that in Papillon Charter Yacht Charter Ibiza, is allowed in some of our pets on board ships.

perros alquiler barcos ibiza


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