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      Sailing boats for rent in Formentera

      Boats for rent in Formentera.

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      Sailing boats for rent in Ibiza

      Boats for rental in Ibiza.

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      Sailboats for rent in Ibiza

      Hire a sailboat in Ibiza is easy with Papillon Charter

      We have a large fleet of sailingboats for rent in Ibiza, our company has more than 10 years of experience in the sector.

      Contact us to ask questions or special requests, we will be happy to assist you and offer the best advice and a personalized quote. Sailboats with or without skipper, for periods of full weeks, weekends or single days. Check also our offers for rent sailboats in Formentera, Mallorca and Valencia.

      alquiler de veleros en ibiza

      Hire a sailingboat Ibiza is the perfect plan

      Hire a sailing yacht for your holidays is a perfect plan for anyone, what to say if Ibiza is the chosen destination?

      To begin with, the hidden coves of the Pitiusan Islands are the most desired and valued destinations in the world. There must be a reason. Turquoise waters and beaches that can only be reached by boat, justify more than enough to rent a boat for our next vacation.

       Water activities and leisure for all

      Although it may seem that it is a plan to stay all day on the high seas, nothing to see. This is the best way to get around the island and get to all the places where you can see the best sunsets, but also the fashionable places on the island.

      The rental of sailboats in Ibiza will allow us to enjoy the enclaves where water sports are offered, the best restaurants and all the leisure offer, both at sea and on the mainland.

      Sleep in one place and wake up in another

      The fact that the rental of sailboats is a booming option in terms of holiday options, finds its explanation in a circumstance that makes everyone who has already tried it fall in love: the possibility of sleeping in one place and waking up in another, where the Sea and sunrise again surprise.

      If to this we add that in a sailboat we can enjoy with our family or friends, taking into account that the maximum capacity is usually up to 12 people, there is not much more to tell.

      Sailboat rental in Ibiza is the vacation trend of the moment. We can not stay behind. With calling by phone we already fulfilled our dreamed vacations, where the limit will be only in our imagination.

      Rent sailboat Ibiza ELAN 514 IMPRESSION

      Alquiler de velero Elan 514 Impression

      Alquiler de velero Elan 514 Impression

      Rent a sailboat Ibiza  – ELAN 514. The 514 will be difficult to overcome: it is well designed, light and spacious, with modern details and materials harmoniously combined with traditional design. It is sleek and elegant, and offers high performance that will move you quickly through the oceans or along the coast. This sailboat rental in Ibiza has capacity for 12 people thanks to its 5 cabins + convertible lounge. 

      Price from 4.200€/week

      Price from 2.700€/week

      + INFO Elan impression 514 >>

      Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 51, for rent in Ibiza and Formentera

      Capacity: 12 people. Year: 1998. Cabins: 5 + convertible lounge

      Sailboat rental Ibiza: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 51. The most popular sailboat in our fleet, gives name to the company and is the boat that we have seen the most satisfactions among our customers.

      Large and spacious sailboat, with 4 double cabins with bathroom, has a design specially designed for life on board a large number of people. A true thoroughbred, very equipped for navigation and with a very complete maneuver, capable of satisfying the most demanding sailors. Tour the island of Ibiza and enjoy the best places aboard this boat .. continue reading sailing boat rentals: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 51 >>

      Price from 2.500€ / week

      Price from: 1800€ / week

      + info Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 51 >>

      Rent a Sailboat in Ibiza - Hanse 505

      alquiler de barcoHanse 505. This boat is one of the preferred models as a charter boat. If you want to spend a few days of luxury sailing through the wonderful coves of Ibiza and Formentera you will not find a sailboat better than this Hanse 505. The boat has all the extras and a professional skipper who has been working in Ibiza for many years and will know how to teach you everything the charm of the Islands. The best restaurants, the best coves and corners and of course a few days of sailing that you will never forget. Continue reading about this boat >>

      Preice from: 2.500€ / week

      Price from: 2.800€ / week

      + Info Saiboat Hanse 505 >>

      Cyclades 50.4 Sailboat for rent in Ibiza and Formentera

      cyclades 50.4 alquiler veleros ibiza

      Capacity: 12 people. Year: 2008. Cabins: 5 + convertible lounge

      Cyclades 50.4. Large and spacious sailboat, its spacious and comfortable design is perfect for large groups. It has an easy manoeuvre with what even with its length makes it very governable. Safety equipment in zone 2 for 12 people, complete electronics. If you want to rent a cheap boat in Ibiza, the Cyclades 50.4 will be the best decision. More information about sailing boat Cyclades 50.4 >>

      Price from: 2.900€/week

      Price from: 1.800€/ week

      + Info Beneteau Cyclades 50.4 >>

      Comfortable and spacious Oceanis 50, sailboat for rent Ibiza and Formentera


      Capacity: 10 people. Year: 2001 Cabins: 5 + convertible lounge

      A large sailboat in which the pattern is mandatory. This boat is ideal for large groups of friends or families who want to sail and get to know the best spots in Ibiza and Formentera … More information about sailing charter Oceanis 50 >> Sailboat rental in Ibiza. Browse Ibiza and Formentera and discover the charms of our islands.

      Price from: 3.500€/ Week

      Price from 1.950€ / week

      + info hire a boat in Ibiza Oceanis 50 >>

      Bavaria 50. Rent sailboat Ibiza

      bavaria 50 alquiler de veleros ibiza

      Fabulous sailboat for rent in Ibiza Bavaria 50

      You can rent this boat with or without a skipper. Spacious, ideal for large groups of friends or families who want to know the best corners of Ibiza and Formentera, discover the best coves and beaches of the islands aboard a large sailboat .. More information about the sailboat charter Oceanis 50 >>

      Sailboat rental in Ibiza. Browse Ibiza and discover the charm of the island.

      From: 3.500€/Week

      From: 1.600€/Week

      + info Rent sailboat Bavaria 50 >>

      Great sailboat for rent in Ibiza and Formentera Hanse 54


      Hanse 54 with 4 double cabins plus cabin for skipper.

      Sailboat rental Ibiza. This is one of the most popular charter boats on the island. It has a luxury design and is able to accommodate groups of up to 12 people. You can rent it with skipper or without skipper and discover the most beautiful corners of Ibiza and Formentera

      It is one of the best choices to enjoy on board navigation together with family or friends. Continue reading about Hanse 54 >>

      Price from: 2.500€/week

      Price from: 3.800€/ week

      + Info HANSE 54 Ibiza and Formentera >>

      Bavaria 46 Cruiser - Quality and comfort to navigate Ibiza and Formentera

      bavaria 46 Alquiler de veleros

       Rent sailboats in Ibiza. Bavaria 46

      Capacity: 10 people. Year: 2007. Cabins: 4 + convertible lounge

      One of the most popular boats in our fleet. For its price, its size, the type of boat we are with, this is one of the most popular sailboats for our good customers, and above all for good sailors. It has more than enough length to accommodate large groups, is comfortable, very easy to navigate, has all the necessary electronics, .. continue reading about the Bavaria 46 >>

      Sailboat rental / Sailboat rental in Ibiza / Sailboat rental Valencia.

      Price from: 2.500€/week

      Price from 1.600€/week

      + Info Hire Bavaria 46 Cruiser >>

      Fabulous Oceanis 50 for rent in Ibiza



      Capacity: 12 people. Year: 2012. Cabins: 5 + 1 standard cabin + convertible lounge

      The sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 50, is a great boat with all the comforts aboard and excellent behavior in navigation. It is specially equipped so that your vacations and those of your family are of total satisfaction. Due to its great length and beam it has a great interior and exterior habitability that will grant each navigator a comfortable stay during his trip. It has an auxiliary boat for your trips to the beach … continue reading for sailboat rentals >>


      From: 3.600€/week

      From: 2.800€/week

      + Info rent sailboat Oceanis 50 >>

      Sailboat available for rental in Ibiza Oceanis 45

      Oceanis_45_alquiler de veleros

      Oceanis 45 – Capacity: 6 people. Cabins: 3. Bathrooms: 3

      Sailboat rental in Ibiza. Enjoy sailing through the waters of the Mediterranean in this fabulous sailboat that has 3 very spacious double cabins. Complete kitchen, equipped with all the necessary utensils and auxiliary boat with outboard motor. Spend your best holidays in Ibiza. You will be on the best waters and the best beaches. .continue reading for sailboat rental >>


      From: 3.600€/week

      From 1.900€/week

      + Info sailboat for rental in Ibiza Oceanis 45 >>

      Bavaria 45 Cruiser. Very new sailboat!

      bavaria 45 cruiser alquiler veleros ibiza

       Capacity: 10 people. Year: 2015 Cabins: 4 + convertible lounge

      A very new line boat. Luxurious and spacious so you can spend a very comfortable holiday. This sailboat is in San Antonio de Portmany, you can also rent it from Valencia or Denia. A boat that often likes families looking for that point of comfort and well-being .. Continue reading about sailboat rental Bavaria 45 >>

      Sailboat rental. Sailboat rental Ibiza. Sailboat rental in Formentera, Mallorca and Valencia.

      From: 2.900€/Semana

      From: 2.400€/Semana

      + info Rent sailboat Ibiza – Bavaria 45 Cruiser >>


      alquiler veleros ibiza ofertas 2018

      Bavaria 44 - Simple and practical sailboat

      alquiler veleros ibiza

      Capacity: 10 people. Year: 2007 Cabins: 4 + convertible lounge

      This sailboat for rent in Ibiza, is very demanded by our customers, due to the great quality of the boat and very good price. You can enjoy a fabulous navigation through the waters of Ibiza and Formentera, with a very simple maneuver. It is ideal for families and friends. You can rent this boat with or without a skipper. If possible for full weeks, from Saturday to Saturday. But we would be willing to take it out for day trips or weekend outings. Rent sailboats Ibiza. Ibiza catamaran rental. Boat rental. Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Valencia.

      Price from: 2.500€/week

      Price from: 1.950€/week

      + Info rent sailboat Bavaria 44 >>

      Dufour 410 Grand Large for rent in Ibiza

      alquiler de veleros

      alquiler de veleros

      Capacity: 8 people Year: 2014 Cabins: 3 + 1 bathroom

      Sailboat of 12 meters new of 2014 with capacity for 11 people + skipper with a very large bathtub convertible in chill out zone and bathing platform. Ideal to enjoy a boat trip with friends or family and enjoy the bath with its huge bathing platform.

      It has 3 cabins and 1 bathroom that, together with the convertible lounge, allows a total of 8 people to spend the night. Well equipped kitchen and large living room.

      From: 2.650€/week

      From: 2.550€/week

      + Info Rent a sailboat Dufour 410 GL >>

      Dufour 405 for charter in Ibiza

      alquiler veleros valencia

      alquiler veleros valencia

      Capacity: 8 people. Year: 2010 Cabins: 3 + 2 bathrooms

      The sailing in this sailboat is easy and the fast maneuver, will allow you to navigate in a relaxed way. Its scarce draft will facilitate anchoring in the best coves of the Mediterranean. Highlights its spacious bathtub where you can spend pleasant moments outdoors with your family.

      Price from: 2.200/week

      Price from: 1.950€/week

      + Info Rent in Ibiza Dufour 405 >>

      Swan 51 Sailboat for rent in Ibiza

      swan 51 alquiler veleros ibiza

      Capacity: 10 people. Year: 1993. Cabins: 3 + convertible lounge

      Sailboat at your fingertips, you can reserve it for day trips, or weekends. A whole classic. This boat always goes sailing with its own pattern, despite its size, we recommend crews of approximately 6 people.

      Sailboats for rent in Ibiza, Formentera and also in Valencia.

      From: 3.200€/Semana

      From: 1.990€/Semana

      + Info Sailboat for rent >> 

      Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439 sailboat for rent Ibiza

      Sun Odyssey 439 alquiler veleros ibiza

      Capacity: 10 people. Year: 2012 Cabins: 4+ living room convertible into double bed

      Boat of innovative lines, with a moderate size, offers capacity for 10 people in 4 cabins. dinghy with outboard motor, complete safety equipment, complete electronics. In this sailboat you can enjoy extraordinary experiences in one of the best places like Ibiza.

      From: 3.900€/Semana

      From: 1.990€/Semana

      + Info Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439 Sailboat for rent in Ibiza >>

      Beneteau 57 - Luxury Sailboat for rent in Ibiza

      beneteau 57 alquiler veleros ibiza

      Capacity: 12 people. Year: 1998. Cabins: 5 + convertible lounge

      Sailboat rental in Ibiza. Impressive luxury sailboat and very equipped, very spacious indoors and on deck, the central cockpit makes it truly comfortable, with 4 double cabins with bathroom, very equipped for navigation and with a very complete maneuver. Safety equipment in zone 2 for 12 people, complete electronics, rent this boat in Ibiza and share with your family a wonderful vacation. More information about the sailboat charter Beneteau 57 >>

      From: 4.500€/Semana

      From: 3.800€/Semana

      + Info Sailboat for rent Beneteau 57 >>

      Hanse 415 VERY NEW Sailboat for rent in Ibiza

      hanse 415 alquiler veleros ibiza

      Capacity: 10 people. Year: 2016 Cabins: 3 + convertible lounge

      Sailboat rental in Ibiza. The newest boat in the fleet, put on the water in 2016. All the elegance of the German shipyard concentrated in this sailboat. With extremely careful details and high quality finishes. You will enjoy a noble and energetic boat that will make you spend a holiday of quality and comfort.

      Sailboats rental in Ibiza. Ibiza catamaran rental. Boat rental. Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Valencia.

      From: 4.500€/Semana

      From: 2.100€/semana

      + Info Sailboat Hanse 415 Ibiza >>

      Sailboat for Charter Ibiza - Oceanis 43

      onceanis 473 alquiler veleros ibiza

       Capacity: 10 people. Year: 2010 Cabins: 4 + convertible lounge

      A sailboat that you can rent in Ibiza, modern with a very refined design, being truly practical in maneuver, navigation and comfort. A boat suitable for 8 people, with a maximum capacity of 10, with 4 double cabins and two bathrooms, has a particularly conservative design keeping the lines of the last generations of Oceanis. A sailboat easy to maneuver and navigate, ideal for a good charter. … Continue reading more information about Oceanis 43 >>

      LAST PRICE: 2.900€/Semana

      Now from: 1.850€/semana

      + Info Sailboat for rent Oceanis 43 Ibiza >> 

      Bavaria 38. Fantastic sailboat for rent in Ibiza and Formentera

      bavaria 38 alquiler veleros ibiza

      Capacity: 8 people Year: 2003. Cabins: 3 + convertible lounge

      Sailboat rental Ibiza. This boat has a safety equipment in zone 2 for 8 people, complete electronics, Deck equipment: Roller, roller-furling genoa, maneuver forwarded to bath, central part on cabin and in cockpit, bimini, anti-drip hood, light in cockpit, external speakers, outdoor shower. All the amenities so you can surf and enjoy in the best waters, Ibiza is one of the best places in the world.

      Rent of Sailboats Ibiza Rent of sailboats in Formentera Rent of sailboats in Valencia.Bavaria 38 MORE INFO >>


      Price from: 2.500€/Semana

      Price from 1.550€/Semana

      + Info for rent a sailboat Bavaria 38 >>

      Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i. Saiboat for rent Ibiza

      Sun-Odyssey_36i velero

      Sailboat Rental in Ibiza Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i

      Capacity: 6 people Year: 2012 Cabins: 3

      This boat is ideal for small families or groups of 6 people, has 3 large cabins and a very easy maneuver. It has a very modern design of 2012. Raymarine Electronics: slide, probe, wind equipment, GPS, autopilot, plotter, VHF radio, CD, shower in hot tub (hot and cold) Travel Ibiza and Formentera on board a sailboat as This, you will have all the comfort you need to make your vacation perfect. More information about sailboat charter Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i >>

      Price from:  2.100€/Semana

      Price from: 950€/semana

      + Info Rent sailboat Ibiza >>

      Oceanis 31 Available for charter in Ibiza

      oceanis 31 alquiler veleros ibiza

      Capacity: 6 people Year: 2001 Cabins: 2 + convertible lounge

      Sailboat perfect for small groups, sail from San Antonio throughout Ibiza and Formentera, to explore the best enclaves. With two cabins and a simple maneuver. It has a very modern design, equipped with a large own bathtub of greater lengths.Safety equipment for zone 3, Raymarine Electronics, Enjoy a good navigation on this boat. . More information about sailing boat Oceanis 31 >>

      From: 2.100€/Week

      Price: 1.300€/week

      + Info Sailboat Oceanis 31 >>

      Formosa 41 - Day Charter Sailboat Ibiza

      formosa 41 alquiler veleros ibiza day charter

      Capacity: 6 people Year: 1993 Cabins: 1 + convertible lounge

      This classic sailboat, is all the summer sailing through the waters of Ibiza and Formentera. He makes day trips with a crew, Hugo and Marlot, who know better than anyone the most spectacular waters and corners of the islands. You can embark on Ibiza and reach Formentera to take a bath that you will never forget in its crystal clear waters, have an aperitif at its spectacular chill-out, go snorkeling … Do you want to spend the best holiday day of your life with them?

      Alquiler veleros. Alquiler velero Formosa 41>>

      Price from: 2.500€/Semana

      Price from : 750€/day

      + Info Formosa 41 >>

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